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Apocalypse Now… Inflation. Deflation.

Inflation. Deflation. Inflation. Deflation. . . . Back and forth we go as the carousel of experts debate unendingly about whether or not the U.S.S. Armageddon is facing a northerly or southerly economic wind. Meanwhile, all hands on deck are getting sea sick.

Since GoldandSilverNow.com launched in early November, I’ve spent long hours on the telephone with people from across this nation. The truth is, ordinary folks aren’t talking about inflation or deflation. The words are: Desperation. Starvation. Migration. Depravation. Damnation . . . Obamanation. Chem Trail Nation. FEMA Concentration.

One gentleman this week asked me why I wasn’t selling the world’s most valuable commodity: food.

Another gentleman told me I needed to add a third precious metal to my website: lead.

One guy spent thirty minutes touting the importance of buying solar panels – NOW! Continue reading Apocalypse Now… Inflation. Deflation.