Inflation and Prices

A bevy of inflation and consumer price related resources are available on US Inflation Calculator, to include rates, charts and tables of data. Just follow:

A brief overview of each page follows.

Current Inflation Rates

This section of the site offers a graph, chart and table of annual US inflation rates over the last decade. Shown are the actual rates published monthly by the government.

Historical Inflation Rates: 1914 to Current

On this page, annual inflation rates are available in an easy to read grid. Rates are listed by month and year dating back to 1914.

Consumer Price Index Data from 1913 to Current

This section of the site offers the latest CPI data from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistic. Published monthly, the data spans from 1913 to the most recent month.

Core Inflation Rates

Core inflation is another measure of inflation. However, it excludes the prices of volatile goods and services, namely energy and food.

Consumer Price Index Release Schedule

On this page, dates are available for when the Labor Department makes available the most recent report on consumer prices and inflation.

Rates for I Bonds

Series I savings bonds, or I bonds, are issued by the U.S. Treasury. They earn interest based on a fixed rate and a variable rate based on inflation calculated from the Consumer Price Index.

Average Annual Inflation Rates

This section of the site offers the last decade of annual averages for US inflation rates.

Grocery Prices

This section of the site offers graphs and charts showing the change in grocery prices over time.

Energy Prices

Here, see energy prices over time and how inflation affected them. Energy items include gasoline, electricity, fuel oil, and natural gas.