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U.S. Inflation Stubbornly High with February CPI at 6%

The annual rate of inflation slowed for an eighth straight instance and marked the lowest level in seventeen months, but U.S. consumer prices remained elevated and underlying or core inflation ticked higher in February, according to a U.S. government...

U.S. Inflation Remains Sticky with January CPI at 6.4%

The annual pace of inflation slowed for a seventh straight month and marked the lowest rate in 15 months, but U.S. consumer prices in January logged their biggest gain in three months, according to a U.S. government report released Tuesday, Feb. 14. Elevated prices for consumer goods and...

Inflation Rate 6.0%

Consumer Price Index (CPI) 300.840

Released on March 14 for February 2023. Next release on April 12 for March 2023.

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I Bonds Rate News

I Bond Rate Likely 6.47% Beginning Nov. 1

Rates on U.S. Treasury Series I bonds will decline soon, the latest inflation data shows. Inflation continues to run hot but in recent months it has plodded along at a steadier pace compared to the hurdling month-over-month advances made toward the end of last year and the start of this year. As such, the interest rate for I bonds is poised...

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